Bookish Links – August 2014

  For my fellow Mockingbird geeks . . . author Marja Mills talks about her friendship with Harper Lee. If you’re a hardcore book geek, you might like this lecture series from Hillsdale College on the greatest books in Western literature. From the ancient world to the Middle Ages, baby! (I’d start with the lectureContinue reading “Bookish Links – August 2014”

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A Classics Questionnaire

I picked this questionnaire up from Fariba at Exploring Classics. She runs a really cool blog so you should definitely go read it (when you’re finished here, of course πŸ™‚ ). Now for the questions! 1.Β What is your favorite classic, and why do you consider it a classic? There are plenty of classics that IContinue reading “A Classics Questionnaire”

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What’s the Point of Art?

All my life, I’ve been attracted to artistic things. I’ve taken dance lessons for years, I love classic movies, and obviously, I love literature too. Believe me, I’ve tried to like STEM subjects in school, or rather, I tried not to like arts as much. Studying math and science just seemed so much more usefulContinue reading “What’s the Point of Art?”

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Bookish Links – June 2014

Sorry this month’s list is rather lean. I had a dance recital at the beginning of the month, then mounds of school work (I’m homeschooled so while y’all are on vacation, I’m still working. But I get fall off and that’s my favorite time for vacations anyway!). But I still managed to scrounge up aContinue reading “Bookish Links – June 2014”

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The A to Z Bookish Survey

This is a little questionnaire I found over at a blog called The Resurgent Bookworm. She got it from Brown Paper and that person got it from The Perpetual Page Turner, making me the fourth person to add this to my blog. Let’s see how it goes! Author you’ve read the most books from:  Continue reading “The A to Z Bookish Survey”

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The 3 Best Fictional Dads

Good evening, folks, and Happy Father’s Day a day early! I knew I had to write something bookish about Father’s Day, so why not gush about some of my favorite characters? I’m afraid this isn’t a very complete list; I haven’t read nearly as many novels as I wish to have read, so my judgmentsContinue reading “The 3 Best Fictional Dads”

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Book Review: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Year of first publication: 1960 Year of publication for this edition: 2006 Number of pages: 323 Publisher: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Genre: Fiction Sub-genres: Southern Gothic, coming-of-age, courtroom drama, historical fiction Subjects: the American South, Alabama, civil rights, racism, growing up, law, girls, fathers, families, the Great Depression, children Β Β Β Β  Generations of schoolkids have grownContinue reading “Book Review: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee”

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Is this just fantasy?

I love the movies, which is why I like to blame them for everything.

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I cannot live without books. - Thomas Jefferson

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I cannot live without books. - Thomas Jefferson

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I cannot live without books. - Thomas Jefferson

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I cannot live without books. - Thomas Jefferson

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I cannot live without books. - Thomas Jefferson


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