Bookish Links — July 2017

This month, Philip Yancey’s Washington Post op-ed on “the death of reading” caused a lot of buzz. You can read that here. It also inspired some interesting responses, including this one by Cynthia Haven tying Yancey’s ideas into Czesław Miłosz’s idea that we are living in a time of “the complete undoing of essences, of eternalContinue reading “Bookish Links — July 2017”

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Bookish Links — May 2017

Some Sylvia Plath biographers just found two unpublished poems of hers. Apparently, J. R. R. Tolkien hated Walt Disney’s movies, and his reasons why have a lot to do with his approach to storytelling, fairy tales, and myth. I love this piece about a Jordanian bookseller who is fighting ignorance and prejudice one trade atContinue reading “Bookish Links — May 2017”

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Bookish Links — February 2017

The Atlantic ran a wonderful story about Father Columba Stewart, an American Benedictine monk who travels all over Asia and Africa to find and digitize manuscripts that might otherwise be lost to ISIS. This is a beautiful essay about how words, poetry, and tradition can anchor us during turbulent times, with a neat little digressionContinue reading “Bookish Links — February 2017”

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Bookish Links — December 2015

Please, Lord, don’t let this turn out to be a hoax: C. S. Lewis worked for MI-6 during World War II. A new internet error code, one denoting government censorship, was added to the books earlier this month, and, as is only fitting, it was named in honor of a certain author whom we allContinue reading “Bookish Links — December 2015”

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“If This Is Heresy, I Cannot Help It”: I Don’t Like Jane Austen

This post was partly inspired by Charlotte Brontë’s 1848 critique of Pride and Prejudice, which you can read here. The quote in the title also comes from a letter by Brontë, which you can find here. As I’m sure you’ve noticed already, I love to read books, especially when those books are classics. I’m alsoContinue reading ““If This Is Heresy, I Cannot Help It”: I Don’t Like Jane Austen”

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5 Bookish Wishes

I wish Harper Lee was as prolific an author as James Patterson. I wish James Patterson was a less prolific author. I wish E. E. Cummings would learn how to write in English. I wish Ray Bradbury really did live forever (let me know if you understood that reference 😉 ). I wish Jane AustenContinue reading “5 Bookish Wishes”

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Bookish Links – September 2014

Why the Apostle Paul was one of the greatest of book geeks. Here, we get to see a side of C. S. Lewis that few people even know about: C. S. Lewis the poet. Why do imaginary meeting between famous people amuse me so? Anyway, from The Story Girl, here is a supposed dialogue betweenContinue reading “Bookish Links – September 2014”

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The 3 Best Fictional Dads

Good evening, folks, and Happy Father’s Day a day early! I knew I had to write something bookish about Father’s Day, so why not gush about some of my favorite characters? I’m afraid this isn’t a very complete list; I haven’t read nearly as many novels as I wish to have read, so my judgmentsContinue reading “The 3 Best Fictional Dads”

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Famous Last Words: Jane Austen

“Nothing but death.” Jane Austen suffered a long illness before she finally died. She said this to some of her relatives, who were waiting on her, after they asked if she wanted anything.   From A Memoir of Jane Austen by James Edward Austen-Leigh. Image: Project Gutenberg.

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