“Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent”

It’s here.

After years of waiting, hoping, and praying, it’s here.

My copy of Go Set a Watchman came in the mail today.

IMG_0332I know I promised reviews of Pendragon’s Heir and My Name Is Asher Lev, neither of which I have finished yet, but I’m sure you will understand if I take a bit of a break from those two books and dive headlong into this one.

Before you flood the comments section with questions, yes, I have heard the reports of how Atticus appears far more prejudiced in this novel than he did in To Kill a Mockingbird. Nevertheless, I’m excited to read this one: if nothing else, it will be interesting to compare this book with TKAM and use them to trace both Harper Lee’s evolution as a writer and how the character of Atticus changed in her mind over time.

I’ll see you after 278 pages.


5 thoughts on ““Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent”

  1. The best way I can say to think of it is to consider that the characters aren’t the same as in TKAM- they share a name only. They’d evolved so much by the time she had got to writing the second book. Plus, this one is only a draft of a completely different novel, not a sequel in the traditional sense of the word. People are being cruel because they don’t seem to comprehend the nature of a draft manuscript that was knocked back for a rewrite!

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    1. Sorry this reply is so late. I’ve read better than half the book now and I can see what you mean. Everything is so different, it seems like it’s set in a parallel universe. o.O

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