#WorldBookDay: Luther on Reading

Zwinglius Redivivus

luther_melanchthon_akademie“A student who doesn’t want his work to go for nothing ought to read and reread some good author until the author becomes part, as it were, of his flesh and blood. Scattered reading confuses more than it teaches. Many books, even good ones, have the same effect on the student. So he is like the man who dwells everywhere and therefore dwells nowhere. Just as in human society we don’t enjoy the fellowship of every friend every day, but only of a few chosen ones, so we ought to do in our studies.”- Martin Luther

[It’s fair to say that when I first read these remarks some time back (many years ago) I took on the habit of reading one book at a time.  Just one.  At a time.  That habit has remarkably beneficial effects especially in relation to recalling ideas]

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