2 thoughts on “Descartes

  1. I agree – although not entirely – a conversation is (hopefully) a two way stream of communication, whereas a book is one sided.

    I often think of books (especially novels) as way of getting to know the author. I say especially novels because the author has the ability to create their own world. So, instead of a work of nonfiction, where people are often reacting to the world around them, you’re able to sometimes see with novels what is truly in the heart and mind of the writer.


    1. I suppose it is one-sided, but even though the other person isn’t listening to you, what they say still gets thoughts churning in your head. I’ve always found that to be engaging.

      I love that about novels. I find that poetry sometimes works in a similar way too. Sometimes, poetry, like nonfiction, is merely a reaction to things in the world, but often, authors use poetry to reveal their deepest thoughts and intents. For instance, I felt like I understood C. S. Lewis much better after reading some of his poetry.


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