My Favorite Authors’ Favorite Authors

Harper Lee (This list is taken from The Mockingbird Next Door by Marja Mills)

Jane Austen

William Faulkner

Eudora Welty

Thomas Macauley

Ray Bradbury (Most of this list was written by Bradbury himself in his essay “The Joy of Writing.” The rest of it comes from interviews and lectures he gave. As you can see, he was a little bit of a bookworm. 😉 )

Charles Dickens

George Bernard Shaw


Samuel Johnson

William Wycherley

Thomas Wolfe

Mark Twain

Dylan Thomas

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Alexander Pope

G. K. Chesterton

Ben Jonson

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Eudora Welty

William Shakespeare

Katherine Anne Porter

Guy de Maupassant

Jules Verne

P. G. Wodehouse

Arthur Conan Doyle

Herman Melville

H. G. Wells

Aldous Huxley

L. Frank Baum

John Collier

Edith Wharton

Robert Frost

Edgar Allan Poe

John Steinbeck

Thomas Mann

Jessamyn West

C. S. Lewis (This list was gathered up from various books and articles.)

George MacDonald

Beatrix Potter

William Wordsworth

William Shakespeare (from Shakespeare by Peter Chrisp)




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