Pleasure and the True Terror of Dorian Gray

Reminds me of why I need to read this book.

Videnda Magazine

Ever done something you know you shouldn’t have done because it was more fun or exciting?

The temptation of pursuing happiness and pleasure above all else is a constant struggle of humanity. An early example of this is the ancient Hellenistic philosophy of Epicureanism, the belief that happiness is the highest good and seeking pleasure is the best way to attain that.1 However, while subscribers of Epicureanism thought of “pleasure” as pleasure of the mind (i.e., freedom from stress, worry, and emotional chaos; mental peace), those who follow in the belief of hedonism hold that all things and actions are either pleasurable or painful, and their designation as such is the sole factor in deciding whether or not they have value or do not have value.2 In Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray,3 it is a form of this hedonism, the pursuit of worldly pleasure above…

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