You Might Be a Book Geek If . . .

Image by Shayna Hobbs at Public Domain Archive.

Because what’s a blog without a few nonsense posts? 🙂

You might be a book geek if . . .

  • you wish there was a perfume that smelled like fresh ink.
  • you think that comparing a man to Atticus Finch is the highest compliment you can pay him.
  • you memorize large portions of books just in case it ever becomes illegal to own them.
  • you know which book I just alluded to.
  • you know what is wrong with that last sentence.
  • your idea of a night on the town is hanging out in Barnes and Noble until closing time.
  • you clam up in front of people your own age, but you can hold something of a conversation with the elderly librarian.
  • you know what The Eagle and Child is (and you really want to go there).
  • you get a rush when you hear the spine of a new book crack.
  • you’ve ever uttered these words: “Shakespeare is cool.”
  • growing up, your imaginary friends were characters from books.
  • you don’t hate your assigned reading in school.
  • you, in fact, consider reading for school a break from “real schoolwork.”
  • you have ever casted an imaginary film adaptation of one of your favorite books.
  • you are the least bit amused by this list.

8 thoughts on “You Might Be a Book Geek If . . .

  1. I can attest to all of these, despite being sans Barnes and Noble.

    If I ever went to the Eagle and Child, I think I would need to be forcibly removed! I was so mad at my mum when she didn’t want to go there when we visited Oxford!


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