Oh, That Old Time Religion!

Hope Writer


Have you ever noticed how many older books mention God?

From Sherlock Holmes to Jane Eyre, it seems that many books written before the 20th century seem to include a copious amount of Christianity.  In contrast, the majority of modern Christian stories are now sharply divided from secular stories.  The secular books generally leave every trace of God out; the Christian books often tend to sound a bit preachy.  Things weren’t always like this, though.  There was a time when you couldn’t even pick up a vampire tale without seeing mention of God every couple of pages.

Modern authors seem to be laboring under a false dichotomy: either they must make no mention of God, or else they must fill their story with “spiritual” terms and plots that seem forced.  Although I would much rather an author mention God too much rather than not at all, good authors must…

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